Monday, 24 August 2015

Ghost Warrior

Hi all,

Just thought I’d start by introducing myself. I’m GhostWarrior and currently studying towards a history degree (combined with a nine month old daughter leads to an interesting work/life/game balance!)

Tabletop Wargames:

I’ve been a table top wargamer since I was 11 (I’m 28 now) and got in to the hobby through Warhammer/ Warhammer 40K. However, since I’m not the CO of a major international computer company I can’t afford GW products which (among other things) has led to a very satisfying shift towards more historical wargaming. Having recently finished an ACW and ECW 2mm campaign I’m now looking at running my own Arab-Israeli air war campaign. I still have some left overs from my 40K days including a Strom Wolves (my own chapter) command squad. I also have some 28mm ACW confederate sharpshooters and 28mm fallschirmjäger. Having a child has a major impact on your expendable income, but if you're smart then theres still a world of gaming oppertunities out there.
 Haakon, leader of the Storm Wolves 1st Company. Wonderfully painted by Tinglyed

Online gaming:

I’ve been online gaming for about the same amount of time. Traditionally my role in SB5 (as far as FPS’s go) has been the roll of Sniper. Something about sitting at the back of the map and picking off unsuspecting Machine Gunners is quite satisfying. However, I’ve recently undergone in a shift in tactical thinking and become a huge advocate of offensive spirit. This has changed the way I play a lot of online games (including Verdun, CoH2, Total War 2 to name a few), being much more aggressive and favouring the Grenadier role particularly in Verdun. In strategy games, I tend to play the assault role having a fast moving, hard hitting force focused on a point to break through the enemy lines and into the enemy rear. 

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Me and Tinglyed Sturming down a trench in RO2. It was interest in the First World War (in particular in German Stormtrooper units) that really kickstarted a shift in my tactical thinking.

I’m aiming to do a weekly update with general musing about something military/ gaming orientated every Friday.

Look forward to hearing from you all in the future!


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