Sunday, 21 May 2017

SB5 Monthly Update - 20/5/17

Its time for another update!

Warmaster Vampire Counts

Mike has been very busy painting a Warmaster Vampire counts army to fight against the other forces that we can muster - here are the Black Knights, Winged Nightmare and General that he's recently finished.

 Line of Battle

Ed has launched his own ruleset - Line of Battle. Line of Battle is an awesome set of rules that covers large scale wargaming over a wide variety of time periods that SB5 helped develop. You can find out more and download a copy here.

Warhammer 40,000 and Shadow War

I've been busy working through a backlog of 40k models and have recently finished my latest project -a 1st Company Task Force for my homemade Space Marine Chapter, the Blades of Fire

I've also completed 3 Kill Teams for Shadow War: Armageddon

Beta Two Zero - Deathwatch Scout Kill Team

Tiberius' Cadre - Inquisitorial Kill Team led by Lord Inquisitor Tiberius

51st Kerysian Veteran Kill Team
Warhammer Preston Grand Opening

My local Gdub store has recently moved and had their Grand Re-opening yesterday. It was an awesome day with gaming, cake and lots of Warhammer related prizes to be won - I, myself won this awesome piece of artwork

That's all for now - see you next month!



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