Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Test and Adjust

Hi All

Over the weekend my brother and I ran a test game for my new wargame - Re-cension

We had 2 roughly equal sides, and with no real objective except kill each other we started, the game mechanics are pretty solid and allowed for a fast game with the rules being easy to understand and turns only taking a few minutes.

There where zombies dotted around to start that provided a slight nuisance and where dispatched quickly. Although they did make us make decisions that otherwise we wouldn't have to make which kept things interesting

Some of my fighter were forced out of position to deal with Zombies, leaving them exposed to Trojans' guns

The test game also allowed me to adjust some of the rules, like the injury chart, around so next time it'll make a little more sense. Its still going to take a few more games before I get points costs for fighters and weapons nailed down so watch this space

After a few rounds of shooting, my guys started to take some hits, the markers help keep track of what was happening

So, a few things I learned from the test game:

  • More Zombies - Zombie Groups will be bigger, and a well as the possibility of being on from the start they now have the chance to spawn from terrain features too
  • Modify the Injury chart - Some of the injuries didn't quite fit or were overpowered
  • Bonus Vs Zombies in Close Combat - while taking down zombies at range is hard I felt it was still to hard to take them out in Close Combat, so a bonus while battering them over the head was added  
Well that's all for this time



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