Sunday, 23 August 2015

Welcome to SB5 Gaming!

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the online home of the SB5 gaming group, a group of friends that have a mutual love for games and gaming, both online and wargames.

Ill let the others introduce themselves, so for now a little about me...

I am Coldsteel, an aspiring Computer Game Designer and am currently working on a wargame of my own (watch this space). I have a live and let live approach to playing wargames and share the belief that if a game is not fun then its not something that I'd want to continue putting my time into. I'm always up for a challenge and tend to get stuck in when playing solo. I have a wide collection of models and armies and enjoy trying out different tactics.

Playing online is a little different - with Strategy games like Company of Heroes I take up a support role, taking up defensive positions while the others get their attack forces up, then I use a small, hard hitting force to back up the man attack and use surgical strikes to help the other guys out.

In FPS's I usually play as a either a gunner, suppressing the enemy before the others get stuck in, or I pick up a gun that spits out a torrent of bullets and a few grenades and get in hard and fast!

I also run another blog chronicling my Warhammer 40000 space marine chapter which you can check out

I've also invested in some video capture software so hopefully you'll be able to see us play soon!

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to see you around!



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