Sunday, 16 April 2017

SB5 Monthly Update 16/4/17

Hello and Happy Easter!

Another update to let you know of what we've been getting on with

March to War

I recently took part in an event at my local Games Workshop store, where individuals had to pledge to complete a project, starting in January, of their choosing, It could be as big or as little as they wanted, but it had be completed by the 31st of March (hence the 'March' in 'March to War', clever Gdub)

I had 2 projects I wanted to complete. Firstly A Freeguild/Empire army for Age of Sigmar, Which consisted of: A General
                     10 Greatswords
                     30 Swordsmen
                     20 Crossbowmen
                     5 Outriders
                     and a Warrior Priest

My Freeguild Army - The Unbound Sons

 Second was an Imperial Guard Platoon, I used Elysian models for these guys as I love the look of them. The Platoon Consisted of: 5 man Command Squad
                                                     3x 10 man Infantry Squads
                                                     Missile Launcher Squad
                                                     Heavy Bolter Squad
                                                     Special Weapon Squad with Demolition Charges
                                                     A Taurox
                                                     2 Elysian Tauros'
                                                     2 Elysian Drop-Sentinals
Introducing the Kerysian Critical Asset Recovery Division  

I'm proud to say I completed them with a few days in hand!

Line Of Battle

As you can see from Ed's post below and on his personal blog, The 'Line of Battle' rules are now available! Check them out if you haven't already

New Super-Campaign

Hot off the heels of his last one, Ed is planning a new Super-Campaign, this time focusing on the Spring Offensive in 1918. This focuses on a series of German attacks against the Western front as a last ditch attempt to win the war. It going to be a lot of fun to do and we'll keep you updated as it progresses
The Ground we'll be fighting over

That's all for this month



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  1. Great work! Those armies both look fantastic, I hadn't seen some of those models. Need to get some more 40K on the table...